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Well, the results are out for the June ’09 Cloud Developer Challenge and, unfortunately, my entry with David Schach didn’t win. In fact, we didn’t even score in the Top 10. Sigh.

One of my work team took the news quite bad — he replied to the news with “Robbed indeed! Right, we’re dropping SF in-favour of emailed spreadsheets.” hehe

However, we seem to have piqued the interest of the honourable Jon Mountjoy, who added this mention to the official results:

For sheer exuberance, John Rotenstein and David Schach deserve a mention for their Daily Shinro game!

I’m not sure what he means by that, but at least it met my goal of getting a mention!

Since we didn’t win that one, I’m now pinning my hopes on the Dreamforce VIP Video Contest. The objective is to create a 60-second (max) video saying why I’d like to attend the Dreamforce conference coming up in November 2009. Here’s my entry:

The top 3 entries get a free conference pass, free accommodation, travel expenses, lunch with Colin Powell and Marc Benioff (I bet he’s a big eater!), a Flip camera and backstage pass to meet the Black Crowes. I’m still trying to think of something to discuss with Colin Powell that he can actually discuss without revealing national security secrets.

The Bottom Line

  • I didn’t win the Cloud Developer Challenge (didn’t even come close)
  • Luckily, my team at work enjoy playing the game!
  • Here’s hoping for a better result with my video

3 Responses to “Didn’t win Cloud Developer Challenge, now to try the Video!”

  1. Jeff Douglas Says:

    Nice video!! I hope you come in second place after me .

  2. The Enforcer Says:

    Hey, there’s 3 major prizes, so that’d be fine with me!!

  3. Mosmerah Says:

    Sorry the Lead, SelectOption, string was sipertd off in previous post. hopefully the following will make more sense. WebService static LIST getDistinctEmails(){List options = new List “();List uniqueCustomObjectSet = new List ” ();for(Lead sl:[SELECT email FROM Lead]){uniqueCustomObjectSet.add(sl.Email);}List uniqueCustomObjectList = new List(uniqueCustomObjectSet);for(integer i=0; i1];” … but that stuffs up my code and doesnt recognise enterprise.wsdl functions.Thanks heaps for your time.. any help will be very much appreciated..Thank you