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During Dreamforce 2009, I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Ouellette, the Chief Architect at Appirio. Appirio is a well-known name when it comes to development, having been involved in some major projects such as Japan Post and the systems shown at the Dreamforce 2009 keynote (including Chatter stuff before it was even released!).

Jason has recently released a book dedicated to Development. It’s called Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud and, aside from having the world’s longest title, is also the world’s first book on (that wasn’t written by Salesforce).

Jason’s Book

The book covers practically every topic relating to which is, as you probably know, an awful lot of information! As such, having only 400 pages, the book is more of an introductory tutorial than a reference book. Indeed, Jason fully admits that people will still need to refer to the standard PDFs to get detailed technical information.

So, who is the book good for? Definitely for anyone having to code who is relatively new to Salesforce and It mentions all the technologies available in, so is vital for people wanting to come to grips with the platform.

If you’re a developer already using and you’ve used the Salesforce platform for 2+ years, then this book isn’t going to teach you anything new. However, it is rare that a developer has played with every feature in (eg I’ve never played with approvals, Salesforce-to-Salesforce, DML rollbacks, Visualforce JavaScript actions), so the book can even teach old dogs a trick or two.

For further insight into the book, see my review on

Now for a real treat. While at Dreamforce, I managed to snag an interview with Jason, so here he is talking about his own book:

Thanks for the interview, Jason!

The Bottom Line

  • now has its first book!
  • It’s great for people new to, might not be so helpful to already-experienced developers
  • Jason Ouellette’s a really nice guy!

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