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A new Salesforce blog post by Ümit Yalçinalp (whom I interviewed back at Dreamforce 2009) is showing some incredible new features for the System Log Console.

I first discovered the joys of the Console while trying to debug some Apex. I used it to call an Anonymous function to run my code, or sometimes I’d just paste my whole code into the debug window and run it from there. It’s also a great place to run some quick code to update records.

However, it’s not that great. It’s very hard to do good debugging in a web-based, multi-tenant environment. Some recent improvements were quite nice but they look decidedly antiquated compared to what’s going to be released.

It seems that we’ll be able to step-through already-executed code. So, rather than pausing the whole Salesforce system, waiting for us to hit a ‘step’ button (not great for a multi-tenant system!), it captures very detailed information and allows us to play back the executed code while viewing the execution stack and the lines of Apex code.

Very clever indeed!

The Bottom Line

  • A new System Log Console is being piloted
  • It’s giving amazing capabilities for a cloud-based system
  • See the full article for more details

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