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CertificationIf you’re thinking of doing the Salesforce certification for, take a look at ForcePrepare. It has tutorials, FAQs and even a mock multiple-choice exam with answers and explanations.

I asked Naveen, the author of the site, why he put it together:

“I am a certified developer. I had cleared the exam few weeks earlier. The tutorial contents (and other material on the forceprepare site) are written by me. The tutorial contents were my study notes when preparing for the developer certification. I have developed similar tutorial sites in the past like, and

“The purpose of building the site is to help people prepare for the SalesForce certifications.”

I haven’t tried any of the exams, so I asked Naveen what he thought of his exam:

“I found the preparation for the exam useful. It made me understand the breadth of the platform. The exam appeared to be reasonably complex. It had some situational questions. There was not a lot of material available on the web (mock exams etc.), so I was not sure what to expect in the exam. That made the exam appear difficult.”

Well, hopefully ForcePrepare will make it easier for other people.

Good work Naveen!

The Bottom Line

  • Salesforce offer certifications including one for
  • The ForcePrepare site will give you good exam preparation material from somebody who has already done the exam

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  1. Amber Says:

    What a great resource! Bookmarked!