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Back in 2000, I joined a dot-com darling called Ariba. Well, their success faded pretty quickly and I often wondered if I should have taken my other job offer, from Siebel (now a part of Oracle and a competitor to One measure of relative career goodness I use is the number of job ads available for a particular technology, and Siebel always had more job ads than Ariba.

So, how handy is it to have experience on your resume?

Well, a quick look at Craig’s List didn’t reveal too many openings, but I did receive an email from Valerie Day who works in ‘Talent Acquisition’ for Deloitte. They have quite a few listings for Salesforce Consultants and Managers.

I asked Valerie how Salesforce Consulting differs from other types of consulting. Here’s what she had to say:

“Salesforce provides the ability to move to a more virtual model of remote consulting which saves money, improves efficiency by reducing time wasted on travel as well as improving the life expectancy of a consultant by providing a better work/life balance.

“Implementing SFDC follows a more iterative approach to consulting as opposed to longer more drawn out waterfall consulting approach which is more common with on-premise applications such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel. This leads to faster implementations, real time development and a more interactive experience for the client.

“Because of the easy to use interface, it does allow for functional folks to develop code where as with other systems this work could only be achieved by dedicated technical resources.”

    I certainly agree with that last statement. I remember the first time I met with a Salesforce sales person. They were able to answer all the technical questions themselves, which is not the norm with other technologies.

    I also agree that implementations are quicker because you can prototype solutions immediately, rather than having to build the basic technology first. Not good for earning heaps of revenue for a consulting firm, but I guess that’s their problem!

    For those people interested, Valerie can be contacted at vday@ (followed by the obvious domain name).

    The Bottom Line

    • Salesforce-skilled people are in demand out there
    • Salesforce implementations tend to be shorter than the traditional on-premise applications

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