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Tags: Apex, SOQL

I had to transfer opportunities and tasks between users today.

I noticed that the “Mass Transfer Records” option didn’t let me do it. I also found a couple of AppExchange apps that offered to do it, but I hate the hassle of installing foreign code into my own system.

So, I just did it myself via the System Log. I’m an old-fashioned sort of guy, so I even did it via the “old” version of the System Log. In case it’s useful for other people, here’s my code:

Opportunity[] opps = [select Id from Opportunity where OwnerId = '005200000010rF5' and StageName = 'Open'];
for (Opportunity o : opps) {
  o.OwnerId = '00520000003EtsZ';
update opps;

Of course, you’ll probably have different criteria than this, but it’s pretty straight-forward.

Here’s how I transferred opportunities that were ‘Not Started’:

Task[] tasks = [select Id from Task where OwnerId = '005200000010rF5' and Status = 'Not Started'];
for (Task t : tasks) {
  t.OwnerId = '00520000003EtsZ';
update tasks;

The Bottom Line

  • You can’t transfer Opportunities nor Tasks using in-built tools
  • You can do it easily via some quick Anonymous Apex in the System Log
  • I’m an old-fashioned kinda boy

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